Kiss with eyes open or closed... and how important is being a great kisser ..

I love a great kisser...

But my Girlfriend noted the other day that I kissed with my eyes open...

Well sometimes I do others I don't... It depends on the moment...

Do you kiss with eyes open or closed.?..and how important is it for you that the other person is a great kisser... ie kissing that makes you tingle and want to ravish them even more...


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  • Open! OPEN!

    Kissing for me is all about the connection.. You can't really go wrong.. I love when we look into each others eyes.. especially when I'm about to orgasm.. Oh it's the BEST!

    • Hehehe... I love the way my GF's eyes glaze over when bedroom eyes... Then I know I hit the nail onthe head... when kissing and when...she is is in the throws of ...O

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