Listen to the Heart? Or Let Logic Lead?

I am in a committed long distance relationship. We became exclusive Sept 2014.

I reconnected online with a former flame June 2014. Never saw him in person. Conversations were interesting, thoughtful and sometimes steamy.

I was communicating with both men at once.

I cut all ties with the old flame in September once I realized we weren't going anywhere and that I ought to invest fully in my relationship.

I still think about the conversations with the old flame. Thoughts of him can take up a lot of time.

Even after I removed him from Fb, Twitter, WhatsApp - he sent me Christmas wishes. I replied with a cordial one liner. But I wanted to say more...

That's the issue, I still want to say more.

Should I follow my heart and let him know he's been on my mind or let logic lead and keep my distance?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Here's the thing. Logic is called logic for a reason... it's logical. Listening to you heart about certain decisions is either one of two things. Either it's a gut instinct and you should probably take it or it's an excuse for being selfish and making an immature move. A lot of times its hard to tell but i personally always go with logic. i like to know my decision was smart, even if it causes me a bit if pain. but its up to you though.


What Girls Said 1

  • Listen to your heart.. If you guys are meant to be somehow you guys will come together make a plan to see him .. Tell him what you feel and talk to him about seeing eachother or moving closer if not then just let logic lead.. It doesn't hurt to try

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