Hanging out for the first time.

Girls in my area are not the type to go to have a hot drink in a small coffee shop on the corner. So I was thinking about going to see a movie or something, would the movies be too "heavy" (?) for a girl that I don't know particularly well? I want to be able to ask at school and then maybe get to know each other while we are out and about or would it put a woman (who you know is interested in you) in a awkward situation to have to make a decision on it.

I mean, if a man you liked (but didn't formally know as such) asked if you if you where doing anything this weekend, would you agree and give him your number to ring you later in the week? If so, where would you suggest or expect to go?

Of course I can only go to limited places, I can't drive so I can't go to the beach or whatever. I'm kind of stuck for idea's on where to go, what to do - help? ;)


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  • First of all: Don't appear awkward when you initially approach her. Judging by your notes, I can tell that you have slight self-esteem issues. A woman can smell insecurity from a mile away. Whether you were taking public transportation or pulling up in a stretch limo..her answer would most likely still be "NO." My advice? Instead of asking her "I wondered if you were doing anything this weekend?"...Tell her "I want to take you out this weekend. I think you're gorgeous and I haven't been able to take my eyes off of you." A command (instead of an awkward question) shows more self-confidence and self-assurance. Instead of asking for her number. Give her your phone number. It shows that although you're interested...that you're not too pressed.

    Secondly: Do not make transportation an issue, if she calls you...then she's already interested. A movie, judging by your age, is a perfect date night. My advice, a comedy. Most men think 'chick flicks' is the way to go. But I beg to differ. Comedy is a great icebreaker for a date. it eases nervousness, and allow the both of you to get to know each other better!

    -Good Luck!


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  • I was in such similar situation. I sagest an arcade be able to talk and have fun. I did the movies first and lets say I wanted to know the guy talk to him but couldn't talk. Think maybe local park, arcade. My now boyfriend first came up to me and said he liked me. The next day he ask for my phone # I dint give it to him I made him give me his phone # I did call him =)


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