Should I say anything to her?

there is a girl that I have known for a year now. we became good friends in class. she had a boyfriend at the time, but I still enjoyed her friendship. over the summer she broke up with her boyfriend and found another dude. I never said how I felt about her. I have respected her as a friend, but k had a dream that I kissed her. and then I had another dream that I was cuddling with her. she just broke up with her last boyfriend and is single again. we have been hanging out and texting. should I tell her how I feel? if I do, how should I say it without messing things up?


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  • Just tell her! She might feel the same. Girls are often afraid to speak up because we don't want to appear desperate or clingy... and we don't like rejection any more than guys do. I would just go for it.

    • I have been in this situation with another girl and I punked out everytime. it drove me nuts to this day sometimes. I know what I should do but I am afraid it will ruin the friendship. I am a wuss when it comes to these things

    • Maybe try inviting her out for a few drinks and the midnight showing of a movie you might both enjoy. While you're watching the movie, reach over and take her hand. See how she reacts. If it doesn't go as planned, it will be a little awkward but nothing more. Or you can just play it off. If she takes your hand or leans over to kiss you, that's a good place to start.

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  • There's no harm in telling her how you feel. I've had a lot of guys tell me, and there's been a few who I rejected and we just went back to being friends. However, I said yes to my current boyfriend, and we've been together for a very happy 4 months now :) Give it a shot. There's really nothing to lose.


    • I am a MUCH older gal but I agree as well. Tell her... don't be pushy about it - just say hey... I have a confession... I think I am starting to have feelings for you. Or... maybe just say you would like to know if she would go out on a date with you. Remember - you could be taking her by surprise - she might not be able to respond with her heart properly right away. She will likely still want to be your friend either way.

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    • By the way, chances are she already knows. I knew my boyfriend liked me before he ever said anything :)

    • even if she rejects me, I hope that it wi not kill our friendship. but I don't want to sit in regret knowing I let another chick get away.

  • yes tell her you always liked her and be her bf.


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