He says "we're over" but he keeps texting

I started dating this guy a while back and I thought there was a connection, not a great one, but something we could work on. I tried to get the relationship off the ground so to speak and he didn't respond. So I stopped calling/texting him after he got mad at me and said "I don't think we will work out." Ok fine...

So I ended communication and stopped thinking about him. Then he starts texting me again saying "Why haven't you talked to me?" I reminded him of what he said to me, and he got all like "Well fine then, I am tired of your B.S." Ok fine...

He keeps pulling this crap on me again and again and again. I always remind him that he doesn't think we will work out and he agrees, but he keeps doing this.

Is he just full of B.S? or what in the heck is he thinking? I am really tired of it.


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  • It sounds like he is extremely indecisive and he doesn't know what he wants. This is certainly unfair to you. The other thing is that he might be trying to maintain contact so he has you as a "back up." In other words, if he finally decides to get into a relationship then he can fall back on you. It doesn't quite work like that.

    I think you need to cut your losses and either block his number or ignore him. As you can see, he falls into an indecisive pattern and it won't change anytime soon.


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