Should girls adapt new strategies against obsession-examiners?

There is this guy whom I ran into the link of. He shows a video to guys who want 'loyal-girlfriends' and the name of the site is 'girlfriendactivationsystem' even though I did not get any 'activated' after seeing the guy but the point of him is that you can make any girl get laid with you somehow, and doing that is by being the person who turns her "obsession-stories" into real.

Now I got out of a relationship just-like-that, my boyfriend was the realizer of my "obsession-stories" and I swear it did not work out the way that I felt so loyal to him or anything, and even the opposite, he realized that turning those obsessions into real was only by his power and with his own freedom of choice so I got out of his obsessions category and here we turned into a relationship which
I was getting more and more obsessed and him getting more and more stubborn, unable to satisfy me and not being able to see that because I was suffering of dissatisfaction-not love.

And how he managed to be the realizer of my dreams is that before, he actually 'shaped' them. Gave me dreams during the friendship period and made me actually believed that they could come true that it was possible for them to be real.

I think we are giving too much data for their parameters on how they can get us but not actually get us. This guy doesn't even mention single about how to find the woman he actually will want to 'satisfy' life-long (or at least for a very long time) or question if he ever really wants to satisfy anyone. He got that it was pointless to get obsessed to get a girl and learnt a lot on the way to actually "do" what it takes. However, getting girls to only sleep with you isn't actually making you a real guy.

Any comments?


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  • This guy isn't there to give other guys all the answer. He's only there to answer 1 question. "How to I get a girl to like me and sleep with me".

    As for the rest, he's making the assumption that you either know, or have to find out some other way.

    The guy apparently got the tool before he knew the rest of how relationships work and became misled to becoming an idiot.

    And you definitely got activated. And you seem to be trying to justify that you were not in anyway activated.

    Loyalty? Nah, you were obsessed, not loyal. You probably realised that.

    And you slept with him, so the girlfriend activation system worked.

    As for the dreams? You already had them, he just identified them and gave you confidence that they can be achieved. You probably gave up though =P.

    Anyways, new strategies? I think you just have to figure out if this guy has a clue about the rest of his plans for a relationship. Does he just want to have sex, or is there something more? If you're just as clueless, then maybe you got something out of it by learning... (kind of sad your parents didn't teach you how to look for guys, for whatever reason, not everyone gets the chance).

    There isn't a 'counter-strategy' other than that, because if you reject this form of being inspired and being motivated by your future soul mate and always suspect whatever he is doing, then he isn't becoming a soul mate and you're going to be bitter and full of negativity.

    The answer is to be smarter and pick the guys who want the relationship for something more than just the brief 'find things out' type relationship.

    • I was obsessed, AND loyal :) I am a loyal person. But that's only the behavioral side I may even be restricting myself to it and I don't think I ever want that not at least at the moment and no my parents had not taught me about it at least it's not among many they taught and hell yes, I am tending to feel sorry about that too. And the question now is should I take a break and close my heart to all relationships for a while or should I let guys come and go like certain units of time:) or continue to feel like an Aunty :P
      Anyway, thanks for the useful one.

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    • Think of a relationship like a building/structure - a building that you dream of having, with different rooms for different purposes.

      For example, a bridge, to build a bridge, you need to use bricks (rules and conditions), and cement (trust and love). The purpose of the bridge is to transport a 'load' across it. Before you use the bridge to send heavy loads across, you want to make sure it can support the load, so you 'test' the bridge.

      The test sometimes come in the form of question and answer. "What would you feel if I did this/or that?"

      Only when the bridge is stable then can it support a good amount of load.

      For example, I want to go fishing, but that would leave you lonely for the weekend. But lets say you had issues with boyfriends going awol on weekends and someone cheated before. This is a LOAD that I would like to have in our relationship, but still want your trust and keep you happy.

      We discuss rules and conditions (e. g. take you out on date later). Then build the bridge

    • Oh-my-god I guess I am way too immature for many things or I am just distressed

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  • Are you a marketeer for this site?
    Anyway, a cheaper (that is free) variant can be found here.

    I suppose his king style whatever is the Grandmaster Flash style.

  • I would take any dating advice with a grain of salt.

  • Men and women are not enemies.

    • Hi. I tried to message you for the answer of yours but I suppose I can't.

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  • These words made my brain sad.

  • No comment lol I don't know what to say

  • Huh... wait... what?