His Control in The Relationship or Not?

Question is for girls and guys. Girls, do you think the guy should be the absolute control in the relationship, with a bit of your say of course. How much control and over what things do you think he should have? Guys, do you think your the one who needs to control the relationship? How much control and over what things do you think you should have? Whatever your preference, comment and tell :)?


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  • It depends on the couple really. Most relationships have a dominant partner and a submissive one. Sometimes the dominant partner can be female but most of the time it's the male. However this does not mean that the dominant partner takes absolute control in the relationship. When you are in a healthy relationship, both persons' opinions, wants and needs should be addressed. We are in an age where women get the chance to communicate more with their male partners and this creates a better, loving relationship with input from the two involved. However, I can see why men are preferred to make the ultimate decision sometimes. They can be more logical and tend to handle certain situations better (like in an emergency situation). Women too have their way of handling some situations better, that some men are clueless about. You ask what things he should control? For me, I'd say financial issues (but only because I suck at that. If I didn't we could share that control), I'd prefer a dominant man in the bedroom but other than that I'm my own woman, any major decisions we'd have to control together (joint accounts, household chores, etc).