I don't understand what's going in her mind, can someone give me an insight?

It's on and off with her, great moments with a lot of love, and fun, intimicay and moments were she absoultely dispites me. there is no consistency in her behavior, she does things to make me jealous or to upset me, recently she blocked me on whats app, fb messenger and fb, later that day added me on fb. No idea why, because now she is just ignoring me, and absolutely seems to hate me, and i dont know why. Im trying everything i can to make it right, even let her aunt give her my Christmas gift, a sweater from her favorite sportsbrand '' Adidas"" and had the club logo of her favorite football club printed on it. Yesterday i tried talking to her, she gave me the finger etc... She gets angry about trivial stuff, even sometimes when i try to do something nice and it works out a bit different. Should i take a step back from her, let her miss me, or should i try to ring her doorbell, maybe this evening or tomorrow, or just wait 2 weeks, i dont want to wait too long and she forgets about me, but can she forget about me, she was pregnant from me.. what should i do, im really insecure right now?



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  • Sound like bipolar disorder to Me but I'm not a dr. I'd wait until she comes to talk to you when she has those moments of outrage seems like she's not all there. But ask yourself are you willing to have a continuous relationship like that?

    • Bipolar, can you discribe that to me, i thought something on the line off borderline but bi polar could be an option as well. What signs of bipolar shows she? yes i guess i have to wait for her, or try another time within 2 weeks or so, should i tell her i back off a bit , but that i still like her or... im also concerned about her behavior, should i inform her uncle & aunt, because i feel like tallking to her makes nodifference. Im only willing to have a relationship if she is willing to change and stops hanging around with certain people, but m not willing to stand by the sideline and see how she is ruining her life even more, doesn't mean that i stop caring about her but what can i do, kill these people she hangs around with... i feel desperate, i wish she would just talk to me, hope she likes the gift she hopefully got from me through her aunt, ill think i have to stay on the background for a while. by the way u have experience with bipolar or?

    • A friend I HAD since grade school has bipolar we would be happy and hanging out next thing I know she would insult me for no reason and have no memory of it. It got pretty old and when the hitting started it was not something I could deal with. I wish her the best but now our friendship is pretty much just through fb I did ask her sister and our other mutual friends to see if it was just behavior towards me but they all see it. If you can't talk to her them try talking to a family member of hers and tell them of her behavior and that you are concerned they may know more then you know or your girl is willing to tell you

    • wow thats heavy, im sorry for losing a friendship like that, but you were right to get out. physical violence is never a good thing, she never got physical to me, but i do feel she is sometimes going there. her relentess hatred and fear for me comes out nowhere, i never got into contact with the law, i work, i pay my taxes, and genuinly im a well manerred person. yes i will write to her uncle & aunt, and give some examples of the things she writes to me, like blaming me for the miscarriage, lying about the fact that she stopped taking the pill ( she told me only after we had sex ), the whole situation concerning the pregnancy, the language she uses, her irratic & irresponsibler behavior, and treathening to go the police under false accusiations, i also tell them that i deeply care abour and that i wanted to give her something she never had, her own real family, but her deep hatred for me makes all impossible. i also tell them that its ok for her to read this letter

  • She's childish and immautre. Don't even try to understand it. Most likely it's because she's hoping it will catch your attention and you'll message her

    • yes, trying to have a normall conversation is nearly impossible. Thats why i end up writing letters, hoping she reads them.. When i ask her if she is angry with me, she says in a angry voice that she isn't, hypocrit right, yesterday i tried to aproach her , she was outside with the puppy of her aunt, i left my work, and i asked if we could talk, like a 5 year old child, she kept saying no.. i dont know what this is about, than later that evening, ignores me when her aunt asks her to come outside, walks by me, than i call her name , she gives me the finger, call her name again, another No. its just childish, and immature. So how can i even reason with someone like that? and what about her adding me on FB again, she could block me there as well, and call the police on me, for stalking and herrassment as she warned me before, by the way i dont stalk or herrass her, one of her other fabricated fantasy stories. if she does ill sure her for false accusisations.

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