How does college dating work?

Do you have to make a name for yourself on campus, do you just talk to people in your class. I'm asking cause I will be in school later this year and not really sure how it works


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  • Go to a pub or meet someone in a society in college.

    There's a saying.
    Don't shit where you eat and as a student where you're eating (working) is your classroom. Don't shit (relationships gone bad) at where you eat.

    • In a society? Can you explain

    • Why swim aimlessly in the ocean when there are little beacons that promises there will be people of common interest and aspirations?

      That's your clubs and societies.

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  • Basically make a name for youself that's how college works

    • How do I do it

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    • Talk to everyone u come in contact with

    • I want to get into a student ambassador/student government kinda role