Problems with my girlfriend's family?

I've been with this girl for one year now, and we've done awesomely well - never had serious fights and all. We truly love each-other and we've got almost the same characters. Our relationship was going so well, even better than in tales, until her parents found out and made her break up with me. They don't want us to be together, because I have a different nationality, but we both have the same citizenship.
I turned 19 yesterday, and she turns 16 in one week. Do you think her parents are being too harsh only because of her age? -they probably think she's making the wrong choice - at least, that's my opinion. My girlfriend is afraid that her family won't speak to her again.

Is it true that "when you marry a girl, you marry her family"? - I have nothing against them, they just seem to dislike me even though they've never met me in person.

GIRLS: Would you fight for your relationship even if your parents are against it?

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