What would be a good way to have romantic dinner date wile I have a busted leg?

I have a broken leg and I can't go any where, so to help keep a flame alive in our relationship I want to ask her over for dinner. Im currently at my parents home while I recover, and I can't walk or get into a car. If she agrees this would be our second date. I was planing on having a local cafe to cater dinner.

Any suggestions as to how I can best pull this off?


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  • I would talk to your parents. Tell them you'd like to have a dinner date with a girl, but can't because of the broken leg. See if they'll leave for a few hours for you to have your date, if you can, maybe offer to pay for their dinner and a movie.

    I love having a nice romantic dinner at home, especially since there are no distractions of people and noises. Set the kitchen up like a restaurant, table set, soft music, maybe candles.

  • How old are you? Does your parents know you like her? When you answer this ill give u myi idea

    • 24 and they know I find her interesting.

    • Ok so whar I would do is I'll ask my parents to go out for a couple of hours tell them that you would like to treat this girl for dinner at home since you're hurt and Buy take out. .. or you can ask you mom if she can cook something for you guys and invite her over

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