Will a guy that is 20 have a hard time finding a virgin girl?

Guy has barely any dating experience, has not done anything past kissing, and wants a virgin like himself. Of course, she has to be legal (prob 18).

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  • 21 virgin, never kissed. Depends on your luck.


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  • LOL, dating someone legally is always a plus. I think that most people embellish their sexual experiences as a form of boasting - so as not to seem prudish (probably more so for guys). I'm sure there are many girls around your age which are still virgins - it all depends on where you look. Libraries vs. Strip Clubs... just sayin'.

  • In my opinion yes. Unless you date Southeast Asian foreigners.

  • where i came from you can find beautiful , virgin and loving girlfriend everywhere... :-) it's not that hard ;-p

    • Gernany? Would of never thought.

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    • Middle Eastern girls are gorgeous

    • yes really they are gorgeous.. but western guys are gorgeous too :-p

  • depends on where you're living, if it's america it's impossible i'm sorry

    • How can I trust u on that

    • Because america is known for their sluts

  • I'm a 22 yr old virgin... Not impossible

  • Yes. Not because girls like that don't exist, but because guys who are that "old" and after virgin girls, are extremely picky.

    Has to be over 18 and virgin -> about 30% of girls left
    She has to look real good -> about 10% of girls

    She would be willing to date a picky guy like you -> 5%

    Good luck

    • I am just a late bloomer and been sort of sheltered most of my life. I did not start dating until last yr

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    • I do not know how u don't get it

      Virgin = virgin

    • I do get your "logic" but I don't agree with you. I don't think that it is a "right" to demand someone to be a virgin or think that it makes you better in some way. Virginity is just a stupid made-up word. It is just first time having sex. No big deal.

      There is nothing you can do to make me to agree with your opinion so we disagree. The end.

What Guys Said 5

  • Yeah , the world is a different place now.
    So if you're going into relationships searching exclusively for virgins , well... I hope you're one cos why ask of others what you don't do yourself and good luck with your search.

  • from what i've seen here there are tons of virgin girls at the age of 18-25.

    • I don't this site is a fair representation of society though...

  • If you happen to be religious, then your chances are far greater than if you aren't. Not that there aren't virgins among the non-religious crowd, but in general those people tend to view sex as something casual.

  • It's highly unlikely especially if you want someone who's attractive and nonreligous. Even findin a girl with a low number of partners who hasn't had any one night stands is rare, forget about finding a virgin. Also girls aren't always honest about their history. They'll always say a number less than 5 regardless of whether or not its actually the true.

    Read the best answer here

    Girls will hook up with guys at parties no strings attached but when they want a serious relationship they'll go for guys like you, and you'll have to wait for it and earn it by opening up to her and giving her your heart meanwhile the other 5 -10 guys she's been with got to sleep with her no st5 attrached. Basically they reward the "hook up type of guys" by sleepin with them on the first or second date no strings attached but when they want to settle down, when they want someone to buy them a duamond ring theyll look for the "relationship type of guys"they'll put on the good girl act and make you "work for it".

    Sure not all girls are like that but you'll never know fir sure what her number actually is.

    I. starting to think it's best to just not worry about finding a modest girl and just join the "hookup scene" and look exclusively for friends with benefits types of relationships. It's just not worth it, plus mairage is a joke nowadays :/

    • I have a hard time believing you completely

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    • But how do you know this? Is this just a theory of yours?

    • I know for sure that people aren't always honest. I also know that people will lie when it suits them. Did you read that guys answer in the link I posted?

      Look I'm not saying that all girls are like that but realistically a lot are and there's no way too know for sure if she's truthful. She might say 3 but it could easily be 15 and you'll never know but by saying 3 sh will have convinced you that she's a "good girl" reguardless of if it's true. I can't prove anything I've said definitively it is just a theory based on my personal observations and world view so take it with a grain of salt.

      As I said we all have to make our own decisions but personally I've essentially given up on finding a modest girl and I'm strongly considering just looking for friends with benefits sometime this year or the next :/

  • Yes, there are lots of virgins in college.