How can I stop being so shy?

I like this girl I sit next to for a few months now and it used to be so easy for me to talk to her. But now its so hard for me to say anything!! I don't know why.. maybe I feel like she doesn't like me anymore or something because for the past month we haven't really talked that much. And even though I mostly to to her first she would usually talk to me first sometimes and she never does anymore. I can talk to my friends easily in class but not her!! I felt bad because I was talking to my friend and I got up out of my seat and I saw her look at me with her head down on the desk. If that happened a few months ago I would have ran over there to talk to her. I even struggle to ask her how is your day!! Did I lose my confidence or something? How do I fix this? How do I stop being so shy!!


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