Shall I talk to him, or wait for the most beautiful boy ever to talk to me?

Ok, so im 18 and he is 26. the age doesn't bother me. But i'm worried about trying to talk to him cause maybe he doesn't want to talk to a 'young girl' like me. Although he was the one that went out of his way to follow me on instagram and Facebook.
Should i wait for him to talk to me and be really nice when he comes in work to get drinks, smile and so on.. or shall I talk to him.. but if i talk to him what do i say cause i dont want to come across to be really goofy.
Plus im going to a party in about 2 months and he is going to be there.. what if he talks to me then or just avoids it cause of the age gap?


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  • I think you shouldn't wait and should pursue what you want. Just talk to him and you can try start talking about something you know he likes, probabilities of keep talking will be increased in my opinion if you do it.


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  • 2 months seem like a lot of time of waiting. What if he finds a girlfriend and you regret waiting?

  • Awww don't be silly sweetie!
    If you like him talk to him before he gets snatched up!


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