Would you date someone with an autoimmune disease that creates skin lesions?

Self explanatory. Noninfectious. Only aesthetically displeasing to most. Pigment change and dryness that requires a salve to hydrate the inflamed area to act as anti-inflamatory medication. Would that deter you? What if they had a lesion a place they could not reach like on their back &needed you to apply the salve for them on that area? Would that disgust you? Deter you?


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  • Honestly, it doesn't look bad at all imho. I doubt that'd be a contributing factor in my "Date or No?" thought process.

    Some people have truly impressive/horrifying skin issues, and that may deter me maybe? I don't know. Skin issues are very low on my list of deterring features. Murderous intent and a multiple heads are more likely to scare me off.


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  • Oh, I'd apply that salve for you.

    Could you maybe post pictures, not necessarily of you, but to get a sense of how it looks like?

    • @dthdhdghadh
      Posted th pics

  • no unless they were really attractive enough so that skin lesions wouldn't be a problem the my not


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