PLEASE HELP! new-ish girlfriend tips?

So i've been with my girlfriend for 2 months and we only knew eachother for about a month before that (if that makes a difference). I'm 17 years old and she is 16 and we are both eachother's first girlfriend/boyfriend. I had a crush on her (without meeting her) for like 2 years and finally said something and asked her out for lunch the first day i met her. We get along great and i know we're gonna last because i like her sooo much and we just click so well. I don't think i would quite say i'm in love... if it's been only 3 months since i met her should i be in love by now or can it keep getting more intense? also when we kiss i don't feel this so called 'spark' even tho i love kissing her. Will that grow too? I'm not breaking up with her so don't tell me to... I'm kinda just looking for some answers/encouragment. I think we are perfect for eachother. Thanks :))


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  • I think the more you get to know her as a friend, the more you'll have that "spark" :)

    • Thanks! I'm really glad to hear that because some people say break it off when they don't know the full story and it bothers me. Also she is my first kiss so maybe that's a factor? I don't know. But I know that she is so amazing. Thanks for your comment

    • You're welcome! I'm glad I could help (: and I wouldn't focus too much on the kiss, but focus on the friendship because that's what really makes a strong, healthy relationship

    • ya everyone keeps saying it's all in the kiss. I do enjoy the kissing tho... thanks again haha :)

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