I am hanging out with this girl, can Anyone explain some useful tips and tricks?

I am going to hang out with this girl whom seem to show interest in me, the question is What all to do? She want to go out somewhere to eat and thats it.

Now I know you should be comfortable in your own skin, be yourself, and have good eye contact, and be funny, but How to be interesting to her? How to not to be boring? ( i know dont show poor body langue, and dont get on your phone while talking)

People tend to answer my questions with simple, just go for it. I want to know in detail, detail!!, explain!! details!! how not to seem boring while hanging out and how to seem more fun? How to not lay all my cards out on the table? please explain. thanks


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  • Ask her what she likes and how it makes her feel, then talk about something you like and recreate those same feelings.

    • so thats what you do when you hang out with your friends or while on a date?

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    • while hanging out, what places you suggest to go? while there. What do you do after you sat down and ate or while your eating? what do you do make things more exciting?

    • Doesn't matter, except that it shouldn't be too loud and she should feel safe there. You talk, you get to know her and connect with her. Touching her is also good, for example, when you just meet and hug, make sure to hug a little longer, maybe 3 seconds or so. If you can keep non threatening physical contact throughout the date that would be also great.

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