I like my Girlfriend's friend?

I'm 14, and my girlfriend is 16. We've dated for only around a month. She has a friend who's hot as fuck. I always found her attractive, but lately she's been hanging out with my gf more and more (they are becoming best friends).

i now have feelings for her friend... I don't want to break up with my girlfriend just to tell her "sorry, I like you're best friend more than you". What should I do?


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  • Dang. This is tough. Well I don't really know. I have two thoughts on the matter. First if you break up with your girlfriend there is a chance that her friend won't like you and they will both hate you because that's just how girls are... don't ask me why... or two if you started dating her friend they would hate each other and your girlfriend rn would hate the guts out of you. Haha sorry its harsh but true. I think you need to maybe just stay with your girl for a little bit longer rn and MAKE SURE you don't like her anymore! Like that you are 100 percent positive you don't. Because if you break uo with her and her friend rejects you you will probably want to go back to you and that probably most likely will not happen.


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  • How do you really think that would work out?
    You just casually tell the girl you've been dating,
    "Sorry , I like your best friend more than you."
    Do you think she will just say, "Its okay".
    The best friend will disregard your now ex. girlfriend's feelings and you two will live happily ever after?
    Lets be realistic.
    It's not going to work out that way.
    It's going to be one big ugly mess.
    Your girlfriend will be pissed at you.
    And her friend will think you are one big jerk.
    You'll leave with no one.
    Control your hormones.
    There's always going to be other hot girls in life whether you're with someone or not.
    You're not ready to be in a relationship.
    It is for those that have some level of maturity.

  • This sounds like babysitting.

  • This is gonna end really bad.


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  • Young love, ugghhh...

    Just stay with your current girlfriend to save yourself from drama.

  • Sounds shallow.