Who already dated a shotter guy or a taller girl?

Waddup y'all?
To be short (no pun intended lol) I measure 5 feet 8 and recently I met a guy (really quickly I was getting out the train so it isn't really a meeting) who is 5 feet 6. I had the time to see that he was attractive.
He found me on Facebook and we talked a little because I'm the spontaneous type of girl and I say silly stuff if I'm not face to face. He is really interested and asked me out a few times but I always said no making up excuses. Today he asked me out again... And I'm tiring of lying so I questioned him about his height though I know he's short ! He told me his height and I told him mine and he said "great I love it" I was a bit shocked. I never been with a guy shorter than me. How do you deal with that?
(There is also some thing else : my friends always saying that I go out with guys that are less attractive than I am. and that it's bothering and I starting to realize they right. I'm sick of people judging but being right in the other hand)


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  • Guys will say and do anything for p*ssy.

    You have just met him and have not entered a relationship. Yes height is a factor when it comes to dating but its not a pillar to a relationship.


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  • I have. He was nice to me and cute af lol

    Same heights, by the way.