Should I call him orShould I wait for him to call?

I went out with this guy last night
For the third time
And after i got home he texted me what a beautiful night
You are an amazing kisser
And asked me if i had fun and i said yes,
Then he kissed goodnight
And this morning he texted Good morning with just a smily face
And i said good morning
But he hasn't called me yet!
After our first date he texted me good morning with kissses beautiful
And called me in the afternoon!
But this morning he only texted good morning with a smily face!!
And after last night he hasn't called me yet!!
Whats going on?
Should i call?
Should i wait?


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  • Just wait, be patient geesh

  • Just wait... the fact that he text you is a good sign... Maybe he's been busy... give him some time..

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