Haven't seen him in two weeks, only been on two dates, seeing him this weekend, What should I do to get back to where we were and not make it awkward?

He asked me on a date three weeks ago and we have been on two dates since. We also hooked up and had sex two months ago. I met him a year ago but we never thought of anything or talked until we hooked up. I moved back to school a week ago, we are two hours apart now. I'm seeing him this weekend but we haven't talked much for my friends friends birthday (hes my friends brother). She made the plans and told me to come. When I see him I don't want it to be awkward, I want to make it cute and sexy and make him want me. What should I do when I first see him/ get back to where we were. Also should I talk to him ahead of time or wait until I see him. I do like him and we really do have a connection and have fun.

When I first see him I want to it not to be awkward and I want to be cute with him


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  • Just ask him where has he been in a nice way and just have a good conversation with him and just say i been missing you and been thinking about you and i been waiting to go on a lot of dates and then have a good time and make things good with each other