I feel fear if he loses feelings for me.. I keep ignoring. Should I keep in touch?

He came to Canada as an exchange student last September.

We started out as friends but he started having feelings for me and I also knew there was something that made my heart smile. The bitter truth was that he would go back to Europe in January.

We agreed not to get into a relationship but as time passed by, our feelings became deeper and also started getting to know each other on a different level.

After exams in December, we did everything together every day. As he had planned to go travelling for a month on the way home, he asked me to come to his first destination Chicago with him after New Year. So yes, we went to Chicago for a week.

He is a shy guy and doesn’t show his feelings much but a few days before we got separated in Chicago, he suddenly started tearing and gave me a surprise gift an old history book.

the day before the last day, he asked me to do my internship in his country from June to October. I told him if there is an opportunity then I will. He’s looking for jobs that I like in his country for me.

Now he is with his friend who will be travelling together for the rest of his trip for 3 weeks.
He sends me only a couple of messages every day and no calls…he can only contact me when there is WIFI though...
we just got separated, doesn't he want to talk to me more? He doesn't even ask me what I am doing or did...

I was ignoring his message yesterday because I felt fear about sooner he loses interest because we were together only for a couple of months... and we are still 22..
He was worried so I messaged him back.
He said “I am sorry if I made you feel bad.. Don’t forget it's not a long time til we see each other though."

Today, the only message I got was "it was such a long day and I am so tired.. hope you had a great day:) good night, kisses!"
I ignored..

Going to his country for a few months isn't good enough to make this a relationship anyways...
I do like him a lot though.. and he wants to keep in touch..


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  • You have to be realistic about a relationship not working and decide if there's any point in keeping in contact.


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