Why all the games? Guys just tell me what the deal is?

I dated a guy over a month ago we went on a couple really great dates and then over Christmas he ended things, then Yesterday he requested me on one of my social network accounts and started texting me. Now I know when a guy tells you, " can we still be friends, you're a great girl" basically means you'll never see him again. So I expeceted to never hear from him again. so what's chanaged? Why is he now showing interest in me again?


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  • You are wrong to think that "we can still be friends" means he never ants to see or know you again. That normally only happens when a new girlfriend is jealous. I am good friends with most of my ex girlfriends, just because I no longer sleep with them doesn't mean I don't like them. People split up for a lot of reasons, sometimes it is easier to be friends than lovers. Unless you really hate this guy, why mot be friends?

    • It's not that I don't want to be friends with him, I'm just confused by his actions. I was perfectly fine being friends, I've tried to reach out to him a few times since he ended things and we were only dating, with no response from him and now out of no where he's on my INSTA and texting me again, I'm just wondering why is he trying to talk to me again?

    • And I actually really liked him and expressed that to him, when he broke things off he said I really like you but... It went on from there that why I'm just kinda confused because he knows how I felt about him.

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