Guys what do I do to get his attention again?

I was dating a guy I really liked him and thought that he like me, we went of a few really great dates things escalated and he called the next day, I thought maybe he could be something more then I went on vacation and we couldn't see each other to two week and he ending things while I was on vacation, a month has passed and now he's texting me again seems flirty but will stop texting mid convo, I really cared for this guy and would like to see if things can progress back to what they were, what can I do to get his attention back without making it seem like I'm being pushy?


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  • well tell him you would like to catch up
    he will surely find a way to come by and once he is there u will be the center of his attention

    • And you don't think that will come off a pushy seeing as how he hasn't mentioned seeing me of missing me?

    • no, u r asking him to hang out not a date or forcing him to buy you an expensive dinner at a 5star

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