When did you first experience feelings of true love?

As for me I'm still waiting for my true love. I haven't met him yet!

  • as a teenager
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  • at college
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  • in adulthood
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  • at work
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  • I'm still waiting for my true love. I haven't met him/her yet!
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  • i was young and i was running away from all girls and a girl was really working hard for being with me.. she was cute and sexy and smart.. she was from my universty.. but i wasn't in to her.. or any other girl like 3 months because i was so boring.. and i was feeling ok when i am alone.. and than i went to my place which i always hang or sometimes work and help them.. i saw her at that cafe.. and met with her.. when we hold eachother's hands for shake.. we both felt that we dont wanna let it go.. so i asked her MSN adress.. yes MSN adress it was to long ago =) she said me and i wrote it on my hand.. and after it i add her for speak and say her that i really liked her.. and we started to speak at the same night at messenger.. and yes we are still speaking and feel the same way.. we both feel the love deeply.. she lives 1200km away from me.. we were gone marry at last summer but her father get sick and we learnt that he is canser so bad.. we spend and used our everything for get his health back.. still working on it.. we are not totally together but we are not separate either.. we both love eachother but she has alotof problem because of his father.. i know she is the one.. and she knows the same.. just we need time to figure it out.. because we both think we are perfect together.. no matter what we do.. we have fun when we are together.. in this 8,5 years it never changed.. even if we have big fights..


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  • Define true love. Love is just a biochemical connection to another person. It's nothing mystical or all that special.


What Girls Said 2

  • When I was 19 :)

  • I was raped so not very good one

    • I'm sorry, that's a shitty thing to have to deal with

    • Yes I was 8 and remember it like yesterday :(