Is it meant to be for me to stay like this?

Actually I've tried so hard to date to be in a relationship... every time that I've tried in I got rejected from all types of girls im not doing something wrong to them or im not saying bad things or bad words to you & im sexy ya I know that I look good actually I look great & im an educated person I have my own business & im a gentle man I know that really well... but even in here when I ask they answer ya but not in gentle way , I mean with this come on im a person & I have feelings ofcourse... I dont like to hurt people but people always hurting me.
I think it's meant to be like this for me so I'm not gonna even try again :'(

I just wanna be normal live like a normal person love be loved... have an honest friends but unfortunately not...
Anyway your opinions would really help


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  • Maybe you're trying too hard you shouldn't just be pleasing people because people sees that and will try to hurt you


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