I want to ask one of these two girls out but can't decide between them, How to choose?

I only can be with one of them because they both are my classmates from English class.
They both are nice girls and are in same level some differences I can mention are the girl A is more into fashion and is more friendly but the girl B is more classy and mature.
Or in better words the girl A is more girlfriend material while the girl B is more wife material.


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  • Flip a coin and choose! Maybe one will reject you so that you have to go to the backup anyways.

    • Thanks buddy for your idea. to add some more info both of them are currently single and available so chance of rejection is damn so low.

    • So then ya got nothing to lose!

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Well do you want a casual thing or a serious thing

    If the latter, go with b

    • Thanks. I was thinking the same but don't want to feel that I missed special somethings with the other girl in future. Its such a hard decision.

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  • just go with the one you like the most. one will outweigh the other, they aren't equal.

    • Really can't decide both of them are nice and sweet.

  • Girl A! There is no such thing as "wife" there is only "girl I want to be with for the rest of my life" material.

  • Take both. d00d

    • Its hard to do maybe I can date one of them and after break up date another.

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    • tell them to keep it a secret, or wait until the end of the semester to date them. You'll know which one you like better, and dump the other one. d00d.

    • Thanks but its not a collage or university its an exclusive English class so we don't have the semester.