Should I play it cool and wait or just go ahead and finilize plans for our date?

Between classes on Tue. I asked a girl out to go on a brewery tour with me on Sat. She said yes that she'd like too but because my class was starting we decided to figure out the details later.

So my question is, is it better to figure out our plans sooner rather than later? Would it look to eager if I tried to get everything figured out Wed. Or should I wait until thursday? Due to scheduling, I usually dont see her on Wed or Thurs and I don't have her phone number but since we're friends and have messaged a few times on FB I'll have to contact her through that. However, every once in a while I do see her on those days. So I don't know if either two of those facts need to be considered on when to contact her.


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  • I think you should try to nail down a time in a casual / suave way.

    Then it's a date. You need a firm commitment. Also get the number asap.

    Something like, looking forward to a special Saturday. Pick you up at xyz. Can't wait!

    I'm not a pro as you can tell lol!

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