I have several questions about Swedish women?

1) How friendly are Swedish Girls?

2) Are Swedish Women as bad as some other men say? (I keep hearing about how Sweden is a cesspool of man-hating radical feminists, not saying that I believe any of this myself)

3) Do Swedish women like Mexican men? (although I'm born and raised in the US with a good Standard American accent and vocabulary, I do come from Mexican immigrant parents and no, I do not look like your typical short and brown Mexican, I look like I can pass for a Mediterranean European)

4) What are Swedish women like when it comes to their morals and family values?

5) How they conduct themselves in public?

6) What do Swedish women generally expect from men in relationships?

7) How exactly do Swedish women typically treat their men?

(In case your wondering why I'm asking all of these questions, I don't know why but I have a really huge preference Swedish women)


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  • I don't know a lot about Sweden but I know enough to feel very sorry for men there. As bad as feminism has gotten here in the US, it is even worse there. It's feminism gone.

    Sweden's foreign minister, Margot Wallström, recently stated she will pursue a "feminist foreign policy to counter macho Russian aggression". How embarrassing for Sweden to be made a laughing stock like that.


    • It's feminism gone *wild.

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  • I am a swedish girl, so imma try my best to answer these questions.

    1) i mean, were in general pretty nice, although its not that common to start up a random conversation with a stranger, swedes tend to be a little people-shy, so if they don't want to talk, don't take it personally, its just the way we are. Once you get to know swedish girls though, most of them are sweethearts

    2) Feminsm (Equality) are pretty big in sweden. But I've never met a femi-nazi (like the girls you're describing) were just kinda chill about it. No gender is greater than the other.

    3) sure! We all have different preferances bit swedish people date all races and kinda of people.

    4) the same as women in other countries i suppose. Family is important and the morals are normal i guess

    5) again, normal. Most swedes grow up in middleclass families, with a good upbringing and high education. People are mostly quiet and passive.

    6) to respect and love us. And if you're well educated and go well with the rest of our family. Basically what any girls want!

    7) with, love, respect and care. We love our men if they treat us right.

    So were pretty much like any other girls , just kinda shy towards people we don't know (so dont approach us too strong, not really used to that) were also one of the best countries in the world at speaking English (except for the English speaking countries) so no need to learn some swedish words, if you're paying a short visit.


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  • There are some swedish women here. Luckily they'll give you their opinion...

    • Can you tell me your experience with women in your country, particularly the typical blonde Swede girls?

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    • bro I don't know everything about them. Just wait for a woman to comment and she'll tell you

    • Yeah but unfortunately, I don't think any Swedish female GAG users will ever answer this question since it's already been almost 30 minutes since I've posted this question.

  • Sweden is in fact a cesspool of man-hating radical feminists. Not every woman there is feminist nut job but on average they are pretty horrible. Suffice to say that Sweden is the poster child for what feminists would do if given free reign. It's not pretty...