So there is this boy and I have a crush on him!! do you think he likes me?

we text a lot and sometimes he sends stuff like:
luv u
im your daddy
___ babe ( like a random question that ends with babe)
ok I would say he likes me but I don't know
he walks with me after school and when im walking toward my house he says "bye babe"
im very confused I don't know because like he sometimes barely talks to me till the end of the day!!
he sometimes says oh this girl oh that girl!!
and he talks about them to maybe he does this to every girl please help


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  • Play a simple truth or dare game and ask him if he has a crush on someone and who is she... that's how my exe knew that I was in love with her


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  • I think some guys just have really flirty personalities and it may come off as if they like you, but the best way to find out is to ask him or get him to tell you somehow