Should I take this as a hint?

The guy I like and I have this running joke where we say our next date will be in the next couple of months. For example I said '' I'll see you in August when it's warmer" when I last saw him. I started it off, but I joke around and ask if it's his way of saying he doesn't want to see me again when he says it.

So I call him yesterday and casually asked where we are going next and his response is 'ooohh.. I don't know I haven't really thought about it. Remember it won't be until August '. There was something about the way he responded so I joked and said ' it kinda sounded like ooh there's going be a next time, like it's a bad thing' because it definitely sounded like it. He just played it off. Up until then the conversation was fine but for the last few weeks he's limited the amount of contact he makes. Then out of nowhere he starts contacting me more and takes a step back again. The last time I saw him was on Sunday and it was a lovely evening.

We did touch on the subject of times we've made excuses to avoid someone and he's not avoided any of my messages or anything. Just seems a little distant.

Am I right to think he's a little off with me? Or might not want to see me again? I mean if he didn't want to talk why would he answer my call etc


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  • As you said it's a running joke. You came off a little aggressively and he may have gotten put off by it. Back off and see what happens