Night terror, existential issues, mythic girl from dreams... help?

Every day I go to school im invisible, no one cares if I live or die, whats my life? Spell live backwards. I never EVER dream, but lately I had a dream of a mythical girl.. I had no idea what to think. We were at a road, she stared and I woke up, wondering what the fuck happened, who she was, and what to do. Weeks later today I got in contact with my best friends cousin, Breonna. Gorgeous girl.. not just stunning from how she looked, but because she was the girl, I never suspected her, until she changed her hair style and color. I checked out her Facebook and there it was, "In a relationship" and at that moment I knew my second chance was over, I have no future. This girl was my future. I no longer know what to do, and i keep finding myself checking the pic of her bf kissing her.


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  • I read this article that said it's impossible to have a dream about someone you've never met... That doesn't answer you're question. This is really cheesy but if it's meant to be then it will but maybe you'll meet some other girl who will make you forget abou her. It could just be an intense crush though, I mean that stuff happens right?

    • It could if I didn't have extensive history with her.

    • Then maybe you're just not quite over that history you've had with her - tell her how you really feel, maybe she feels the same but she's afraid to tell you

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