Help. I'm kinda getting mixed signals from this guy. I need to know if he likes me?

Okay so Im a sophomore girl and I kinda like this freshman guy and before winter break we would talk all the time in math class and it was really flirty and it seemed like he liked but after the break this other guy transferred into my class and took his spot next to me and now we don't talk as much but i still like him. I don't know what to do. Does he still like me? i know he knows I think he's attractive but thats basically it. help.
PS. Note: I'm a pretty attractive girl

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  • When I was a sophomore I dated a freshman and it was a huge mistake. Sure he is sweet, but they aren't mature enough to know that they are doing. It may seem silly now but trust me, he isn't worth it unless he can be mature and work for it.

  • I don't know. has he flirted with you. i guess what i'm saying is i need more information about your situation

    • yeah it was really flirty it was more than just casual conversation

    • try flirting with him. not sitting next to him shouldn't stop you from not flirting with him