Long term relationship gf wants a lot of things in a bad way?

my gf of 5 years told me this

She told me she's confused, she doesn't know what she wants, she wants space, she wants to be single & explore.

I asked her if she wanted to go separate ways and she said no she doesn't want to give us up. She said she loves me a lot and eventually sees a future with me but she's going through this phase where she wants to be single. What does she want?

I'm her first love by the way and first relationship/first sexual experience. I'm assuming she has the grass is greener syndrome


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  • She's either going to go out and find happiness in things you were never able to give her. . . or she's going to go out and realize that you were the best thing that ever happened to her and come back to you. Either way, she was willing to risk giving you up because she's getting restless with you. Would you be willing to take someone back who wasn't sure you were right for them? How long would you wait for them to figure out what's best for them? I don't know, if I were you I'd tell her there will be no guarantees that you'll take her back if she decides to "be single" for a while.


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  • She wants to be single and do things with other people, but she wants to keep you on the hook as security and a back-up option. If she really wanted you and was happy with the relationship then she wouldn't even contemplate being with another person. End it. Save yourself the heartache and wasted time and realize that it isn't the right relationship for you.

  • she may be feeling weird in a long term relationship and she may think you may not be the one.


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