My parents don't want me seeing my boyfriend anymore but I'm still talking to him behind their backs?

After he overdosed on his insomnia medication my mom wants nothing to do with him, she doesn't want me seeing him or talking to him. She caught me on the phone after I was supposedly to be broken up with him but we both knew we weren't. So when she caught me, she told me I backstanbed her and she told me to get out and she told him to never speak to me again through my Facebook. He knew it wasn't me, so when I got my phone back I began to speak to him again. He has a plan that since I'm not allowed to leave the house when I want, to start doing so. He wants me to walk one and go to his place, tell my mom that I'm not coming home till she agrees to my terms. I feel like it's going to fail miserably and I'm going to get in trouble some more. My mother truly hates him even though he's done nothing wrong to her at all. How can I get her to allow me to see him again. Im an adult, she should have no say in who I see or talk to. She wants to control everything.


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  • Do you live with your mom? If so she does have SOME say. Though she should know better and back off and let you live your own life. I just got out of a 2 year relationship with a girl who's mom is a freaking psycho and went around telling people I beat my girlfriend... (I never laid a hand on her). She just wanted to control everything she did and gather as much sympathy as she could. Anyway, LIVE YOUR LIFE. Don't let your mom sabotage something good that you have if you really believe in it.


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  • I think that you can't just let her do that. If you are above legal age then you should be allowed to do whatever you want. Seeing as you live with her things might be weird because parents are just trying to keep you out of harms way. I realize that he never did anything to your mother, but he did overdose and maybe she just wants to keep you away from that kind of stuff! If you really love him tell her about it and tell her the reason why he did what he did with drugs. You are an adult and you need to live your life before your old... I am only 14 so what do I know.. But my mother and I have had our issues and in the long shot it's not worth it to lose the one things that looks out for your best interests.

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