I'm starting to like this girl again, what should I do?

So back in August I met this gir. We started talking but we never dated. We'd hangout, hold hands, kiss, and things like that but we never actually dated. Right before I was going to ask her out she said she wanted to just be friends and maybe try again some other time. I was upset but accepted what she had to say. All my friends would say she's a slut and other things but I still want to talk to her. I found out she talked to another guy while we talked and that's why she stopped talking to me. Then a month later we started texting again. She told me she's ready to date and I was going to ask her out the next time we'd hangout. The day we were going to Hangout she completely ignored me. I was really pissed. 2 months later in January she started texting me again and wants to hangout again. I asked her friend and she even told me it wasn't a good idea that I start talking to her again because she constantly flirts with guys. I don't wanna get my hopes up again but I wanna continue texting and maybe date her. Please help? Sorry for the long story


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  • dude, ignore her ass she's playin' you and she's a monster drop her, forget her and move on she's trying to pull you down to where you dont move on and have no gf while she tries to act like she's interested but she just wants to see you single and suffer while she plays games! Just let go of that girl!

    • Thank you. I just called her too lmao

    • leave her alone though dude... or you are gonna get stuck so bad you will feel like you didn't get anywhere.

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