Freshmen and juniors

im a freshmen in college

my little sisters friend is a junior in HS now

she's really cute and all that and I'm sure she likes me

i was talking with her and she gave me her number

would it be weird if I where to date her or something along those lines...?

what do you guys think?

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*no girls commented that's odd...*


Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean to be honest it will get weird at some point. I remember when my friend tried dating this girl that was 17 and he was 20. He could go to a lot of the clubs and bars but she couldn't to anywhere. And if a bar did let her in early, she would have to leave by 10pm because that's when the enforce the age thing. They fought alll the time about things of that nature til he finally broke it off. She was stuck in high school life and he was trying to move forward with college life and really discover who he was and wanted to do with his life. She felt like she was being left behind.I mean do whatever floats your boat but if I were you I would talk to my sister and see if its something that would bother her. I know I don't like my friends from different groups dating each other because it just ends up putting me in the middle when they get into a fight or something. As long as you both like each other and want to see if soemthing is there, and you sis is cool woth it then go for it.


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What Girls Said 2

  • no it wouldn't be weird it's like senior sophmore right if you were both in highschool at one point.

    I think if she gave you her number she's expecting a call so call her. Well you might want to check w/ur sis to see if she alright w/her bro dating her friend? other than that there's no reason not to really.

    • Yeah we went to the same HS. and I saw her last night. she came over to hang out with my sis and she was next to me arms linked the whole night. but my sis says " its weiiiirda" I ve date one of my sisters friends before *shrug*

    • Sweet question answered then. :) haha I feel sorry for your sis though.

  • not really like as people get older and since there is at least 3 years age difference its not that weird. If you did that if you were a junior in HS and she was an 8th grader or something-which I have seen before- that's weird


What Guys Said 5

  • haha...just wanted to comment cause I'm in the EXACT same situation...freshman-junior, same school, sisters friend, number, etc, etc...the age difference certainly isn't weird...but it depends on what you want to do with her (bars etc)...when asking ur self about whether you should do it remember, she gave you her number...which means she doesn't think its weird and that's all that really matters

  • When you're in college you shouldn't get getting with highschool girls, its like shooting fish in a barrel and it makes you seem like a dirt bag.

    • Dang man you make me feel like a moran in Utah that practices polygamy. she came to me so I just talked to her. if I didn't that would be gay. agreed?

    • Just because you can get a girl doesn't mean you should. That's not being gay.

    • Touche...

      but still I know she not anyway yaknow. she's my sisters friend.

  • It may be perfectly fine, but make sure the reason she likes you isn't because you are older. Sometimes that alone can be an attractive feature.

    • I'm pretty sure that not just the case. but I'll I can find that out ;D

  • Not really only 2 years difference.

    • Thats what I'm thinking. my parent are 2 years apart so it not bad haha

  • It should be just fine if she falls into the Half-Your-Age-Plus-Seven Rule