Hugs vs cuddles? What are the differences? And what about forehead kisses from a guy friend?

Okay so been friends with this guy for awhile now. Just the past few months last year, he's started to kiss me on my forehead while we hug. He even refers the hugs to cuddles. He kisses my forehead numerous of times and I know for a fact he doesn't do it to our mutual female friend.

What do these kisses mean and what are the differences between hugs and cuddles?


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  • A hug is when a person quickly wraps their arms around another person and then lets go.
    A cuddle is more like when you lay down with the person on a bed or sofa and hold them in your arms and stay there for like half an hour or something.

    • Sorry I think I miss read what you were asking. He kisses you because he has a crush on you, he likes you and he is letting you know it. If you like him the same way then you should start getting affectionate like that with him.

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  • It's because he likes you, ma'am.