What shoud I consider doing to keep this guy I love?

I've been talking to this one guy for a year already and he has been giving me that hot and cold situation. Like a week he's all lovey dovey and nice and out of nowhere he doesn't want to talk to me or he seems to be mad or awkward with me. We aren't in a relationship yet but he tells me that we are but I dont know, he must seemed like confused on if he wants to be in a relationship or he wants to wait a little bit longer. I had talked to him about why he's acting all stupid and rude and he tells me to get off his sack , but before that he had gotten buthurt because I didn't text him for like two days because I didn't want to bug him, and to give him his space. I dont understand what to do we both "love" each other but all this he's doing drives me crazy!! I need help!


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  • It sounds exhausting and there's no definition of the relationship. I'd end it if it's been a year of that.

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