Was I being hard on him? Or was I doing the right thing to just leave him alone?

I was texting/ talking to this guy for about a week and a half. And he has been so stand offish. I would text him first but then He refused to answer certain questions I asked about his past relationships, parents, experiences. It literally felt like I was pulling teeth when I would text him. So I stopped texting him and he reached out to me two days later. I was shocked cause he was so distant when we talked. Then most of the time he would not respond to questions. Or he would respond a day later (are you serious). So I addressed the issue. So the rest of the conversation went like this :

Me: You don't think that's rude?
him:It look like its rude but I really don't be looking at my phone sometimes for hours.
Me : Ok. Well it's obviously becoming a pattern. So I don't know what to do. Do you want to continue talking to me?

10 minutes later

Me: It's ok if you say No. If your not interested then so be it. Just let me know So I can back tf up. The last thing I want to do is waste both of our time.

Him: Im saying we can still text and all that, I ain't know it was that serious

Me: Im not trying to be rude, but of course it is that serious I don't just talk to guys for fun. Its not a game to me. You saying "We can still text and all that" what exactly does that mean? You are giving me empty answers. Are you even the slightest bit interested in me?

9 minutes later
Me. Guess I got my answer. Bye sweetheart (kissy face emoji)

I know all men are different but honestly We had a few good conversations but his unwillingness to compromise and communicate at such an early stage was very irritating.

I am just asking because I felt like he maybe thought I was coming on too strong but when you first start talking to someone you have to put in effort. Should I continue to be this straight forward with guys? Should I give them time

  • You made a good decision he was not interested
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  • You should've gave him time to respond
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  • If he doesn't show interest now he never will
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  • Maybe he just has a hard time letting people in
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What Guys Said 1

  • Hard to tell if its D or A. Either way he def is not interested in a relationship now. Wether he is interested in you and just wants to take it slow or simply not interested in you it is hard to say. If you do decide to text him again be aware he won't want a relationship right away.


What Girls Said 1

  • We make time for who we want to make time for. Don't waste your time sweetie. If he wanted to talk to you, he would've.