How to tell when a guy loves you a lot?

I really honestly don't know.. I really love this guy and we've been friends for a super long time and he tells me he loves me and flirts with me all the time. He tells me that I will always have a special place in his heart, I think he loves me a lot or is he just doing to be cute? He was also m first kiss.. even though we are just friends... :p Uhm yeah, help me, I don't know.


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  • Word to the wise: if you want to know a guy's true intentions, pay no attention to what he says and instead focus on what he does. Does he give you gifts out of the blue? Is he there for you when you need him? Does he actively make you a priority in his life? Are his behaviors that of a loyal, loving boyfriend? That's how you tell how he really feels.


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  • Wise words for you -

    Don't look at what he does. Don't look at what he says. Look at what he believes in, his values, his goals, his dreams, his deepest desires.

    From there, everything else comes together. You can safely assume ANYTHING said or done is to achieve these goals, no matter how often they may contradict or how many mistakes he makes.

    That way you will know if he loves you for that which you really are, e. g. leniency, strictness, expressive, reserved, artistic, musical, spontaneous, logical, scientifically minded, homely, adventurous, calm, exciting, sexy, pure, religious, open minded, etc. or just your body/face/attention.

    Notice I don't include stuff like Loyal, Fair, Kind, Loving, Peaceful, Patient, Caring, Considerate, Understanding, Reasonable. - these things come with maturity

    You can have personality traits, but those are just differences that are neither good nor bad.

    Once you know his deepest desires, and he sees all that in you... it's almost a garuentee he loves you a lot.

    Creepy stares, handwritten letters, poems, music, acts of services, chocolate, flowers, etc, all are bullshit indicators. They are done to make you happy, but doesn't mean he really loves you (because even assholes do that to sleep with a girl).

    Know him well, and if you care, do the right thing to not let him slip towards being a bad person. Sometimes that means not letting him have chances to abuse you. Sometimes it means giving him your best and being together. (This applies to him as much as you).

    But that's probably quite a lot for a young girl like you to take in.

    • No it's fine. I may be young but this all makes complete sense! I am also not like most people these days I focus on my education. :) Thanks for the advice.

  • When I care about someone a lot, I go out of my way to make she's happy, and become her bitch.

  • If he plays you a song on his geetar

  • Creepy stares...
    I lot of eyecontact...
    Weird things like falling down near your
    Brushing his hand
    Asking you out ofcourse (if he has balls)


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  • I do not know if what you are talking about is really love. But then again I do not really know the extent of your friendship with this guy. I would Ask him "could you see yourself in a relationship with me?" If he says yes and is willing to take that step forward then he may have real feelings for you. But If he doesn't then I would question his intentions. If he is willing to take that step forward then he is saying that he respects you as a l young lady. If not then he probably does not deserve any more kisses. lol. I do not know this guy but he probably could be trying to see how far he can get with you. You have been friends for a long time so why not take it to another level but dont become the friend with benefits especially if that's not the kind of girl you are) but don't don't assume he loves you when it could very well be that he is infatuated with you. I hope it works out well sweetheart. Maybe you two will hit it off and have a long lasting relationship.

    • Haha, we aren't friends with benefits, cause his parents and mine are very religious. He's had mental issues all of his life cause his childhood was messed up.. When I kissed him, I was super nervous and didn't even know what to do.. lol it just kinda happened, Thanks for your advice though I will make sure to use this! :)

    • And whenever I am around him he makes it his priority to keep me out of harms way.. :) He always gets mad when he has any indication that he could lose me to another guy.. I know we're not dating but that does count for something right?

  • When he follows you like a puppy and will try to make you happy everyday. Just accept him for his flaws and be will accept you to. Best of luck to ya!