I am scared if this guy has already lost interest. Should I text him?

This man came to Canada as an exchange student from Europe last September.

We started out as friends but he started having feelings for me and I also knew there was something that made my heart smile. The bitter truth was that he would leave in January.

We both agreed not to get into a relationship at first but as time passed by, our feelings became deeper and also started getting to know each other on a different level.

After finals in December, we did everything together every day. As he had planned to go travelling for a month on the way home, he asked me to come to his first destination with him after New Year. So yes, we went to Chicago for a week.

He is a shy guy and doesn’t show his feelings much but a few days before we got separated in Chicago, he suddenly started tearing and gave me a surprise gift.

the day before the last day, he asked me to do my internship in his country from June to December. He said he will help me find a job for me. I always wanted to work in Europe so it might be a great chance.

Now he is with his friend who will be travelling together for the rest of his trip for 3 more weeks.
He sends me only a couple of messages every day and no calls. he can only contact me when WIFI is available though...

I didn't reply his message the other day because I felt fear about sooner he loses interest because we were together only for a couple of months.. we are still 22..
He was worried so I messaged him back.
I told him "Sorry I got emotional to reply today"
He said “I am sorry if I made you feel bad.. Don’t forget it's not a long time til we see each other though."

2 days ago, the only message I got was "it was such a long day and I am so tired.. hope you had a great day:) good night, kisses!"
I didn't reply.. he doesn't want to have conversations? we just got separated.. No calls ever since..

I didn't get messages yesterday and today..

I do like him a lot.. I tend to avoid before he loses feelings..


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  • If it makes you feel better, you can text anyone else here.


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  • If he is not interested then dont text him...,


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