Asking for my brother. The girl he likes is now with 1 of his friends. I'm sad that he's sad. Details are his words. Should he be mad?

We have a big circle of friends. Now I'd say probably 75% knows i like this girl lets call her "C". C became single around Halloween . And i figured I'd give a month & then make my move before Christmas so to not look desperate. It's close to Christmas & I'm scrolling on Instagram. I see her pic from a Christmas party with 2 of her girl friends & 1 from our circle. A guy. Let's call him "K". So i go to K's page & i see C in a new pic with the caption "Me & my woman" Now K is definitely a part of that 75% i mentioned. Me & K aren't the closet in that circle but he knew. Most of the circle is now just finding out about their relationship. Now we have a big birthday party this Saturday for 2 friends who share their bday. Everyone will be there. 2 questions: 1) do i have the right to be mad at K or do i chalk it up as moving too slow?
2) How do i act when i see them both on Saturday?


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  • You obviously have the right to be upset about it. But don't make a scene. You can in a private conversation tell K politely that it bothers you that he knew that you liked her and still made a move. He will just blow this off, but at least you told him how you felt. When you see them at the party just act normally, don't be down or depressed the whole time, have fun with other friends, and try to ignore them as much as you can, don't be disrespectful, just keep your distance to keep your mind off them.

  • No you don't. You don't have dibs on someone just because you like them. They can do what they want if they want to be with each other and you shouldn't be a petty friend and be annoyed with them.