Guys, does he just want a casual relationship or more?

I have been having a causal relationship with this guy for almost a year now. When we started things we were both not looking for a new relationship (he just came out of a long-term relationship). We like each other a lot, have even talked once about the possibility that in the future there may be something more between us. But for now, we are still on the same page. We casually meet each other, usually once a week at each others place, we have sex, have dinner together, watch movies etc. Few times we even hang out together with mutual friends.

Since some time i noticed however a change in his behavior, when we are having sex. Instead of 'just' having sex, at times it seems more like love making, very slow sex and passionate, kissing the whole time, interlocking fingers etc. He didn't do this in the beginning.

So i was wondering whether this means anything, even though he says that he is not ready yet for anything new? Or is it just the result of being so comfortable with each other after such a long time into this casual relationship?


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  • hmm well, he is ofc looking for a true relationship with you lets say.. if it had sex before super fast den its just casual but if his giving it time that is basically a prove that he loves you alot!!! so if you feel the same go for it :)

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