Is he just not that into me after our first date?

I went on a date with a guy I met on a dating site and it was a little awkward to start with but I thought it went well by the end. I had to leave but he wanted me to stay longer. Anyway he text me straight away after the date checking I'd got home and we talked for awhile. The next day I messaged him and again we talked for ages. But then the day after he didn't talk to me at all whereas before the date he would initiate every day. I left him alone that day and messaged him the next day and he messaged me yesterday but the last message I sent him he read but completely ignored and it was only a question about his work. He's hinted at meeting again saying next time we'll do this etc but hasn't arranged another one. I message him and said let me know if ya fancy meeting again and he just said will do. I'm confused is he just not that into me? He's hinting at meeting again but hasn't arranged anything, we met last weekend. I'm new to dating around and would like some advice I see it as he's not that interested. Thoughts?


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  • he's got cold feet because shits starting to snowball down hill and he's in that awkward faze.

    • So should I just leave him alone?

    • Meh, text him in a day or two and just be like, casual and cute about it... Something like
      'whats up buttercup' oooor the old 'whats cookin good lookin?' ... Works everytime hehe. <3 good luck sister!

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