Huge crush, Don't know if he's just being polite?

I have a huge crush on a great guy. I might even be in love. He's told me many times that he likes me back but I'm that girl that falls in love and gets tricked, so I'm naturally insecure and doubtful. He made a girl he knew his profile picture (a very pretty picture of her.) and then removed it soon after. I've always been insecure as he tends to avoid me and once told me he was taken then texted me he didn't mean it, and that it was a joke.. but jokes shouldn't make me cry myself to sleep.
As I said, he tells me he likes me a lot, but his actions are questionable. I'm not sure at all, he's constantly changing his mind.
- He also can't hold a conversation with me and he only speaks to when he's bored, he doesn't talk to me for weeks and then replies with "lol soz i was afk looool xDDD"
Help me please!

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What Guys Said 1

  • I didn't vote because there's not a single option that applies. He's stringing you along. Giving you just enough attention to keep you validating him. You need to focus your energy on someone who likes you back.


What Girls Said 1

  • Talking to you only when he is bored is a sign that he only likes the attention you give him, but would much rather seek for it somewhere else. Best if you get over this crush really soon, this whole situation has HEART BREAK written all over it. Sorry girl. Eventually a guy will come along who will make you forget about all your insecurities, who won't play games and make hurtful jokes, you just have to be patient. But it is always good to be alert. Don't trust the words a person speaks if his actions does not reciprocate them.

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