To all of you guys , help me out?

what do want from us !
what is it that make you fall for us !
i mean i have been studying all kind of theories and nothing ever seems to ever work out with you
what is that make you commit and why do you show intereste and back off or just ask us for sex since first date or even worst , telling us that its all about sex and not feelings !!!


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  • Dam! It would help tons if you begin by categorizing your relationships and the guys you meet. You'll find it helpful that certain types of guys; friends, friends with benefits and guys only looking to have fun can be useful at certain stages of your life.


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  • I want honesty, trust, love and affection yo!
    probably the goodness in your heart.
    as for the rest, it depends on the guy.

    • the problem is that there is no code about it
      i mean each guy loves acertain thing
      and me , unfortunated me i always like the very wrong one

    • at a certain point most people will hit their stride.

    • i hope it happen soon
      and im trying my best not to lose hope

  • All we want is acceptibility, adaptibility, honesty and attractivness... i guess i covered it all!

  • A man judges a woman by three things , first is her heart , second personality , third her physical beauty but tbh the first impression the man receives is the physical shape because we have been created like that.

    • i know , that's not an issue
      the thing is that you always put sex first and some of us aren't ready to do it whith guys we still haven't fall in love with

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    • he was acting honest to just get laid with you. it's good that his true identity was shown to you. get over it.

    • ouuh yes i did
      i had my closure

  • Reason we show interest is looks (short term comitment) reason we stay is because those are the women who inspire us who make us work hard not only for her but for are selves (long term commitment)
    You have to keep a balance in both until you tie the not. If you dont inspire us (women with no future) then why make a commitment?

    • what do you mean !
      what kind of inspiration are we talking about !!

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    • Yeah that's what I love about smart women is that they have there own dreams they don't let nothing stop them that's what makes a true friend. Ignorant women however, hold there selves back and liveing off of there partners dream instead of their own. Does that make them a true friend?

    • it's a total turn off to have a nondreamer gf or friend

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