This girl likes me - what do I do?

its my friends ex and I know she likes me

just today she was rubbing on my bicep and sitting in my lap she purposely rubbed her hand across my genitals

she is cute and everything but should I date her she was wit my friend last year by the way I'm a senior in high school

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my friend we ain't that close we just like eat lunch together and play ball together


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  • I think it depends on how your friend feels. I'd be the type to ask my friend "Are you cool with me dating your ex?" and if their not, I'd probably not date them. I think it also depends on how the relationship was. If it was serious, than there seems to really be no point in asking because it'd most likely be a definite no. If it was just a fling, then more than likely your friend would be ok with it. You might be thinking "What if she's the one" as well. Well then...I guess it all depends on how strong your feelings are for her and where you think the relationship will lead.

    Just wanted to try to cover all bases and scenarios :)


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  • she may just be flirting with you to make her ex jealous.


What Guys Said 2

  • That is your typical drama queen so stay away from her. Besides its against man law to go out with your friends ex.

  • it depends

    if he broke up with her, you don't have to wait that long to go for her

    if she broke up with him, wait a while, and then talk to him about it