What to do if the girl your seeing seems hesitant or unsure?

So I've been hanging out with this girl and we hit it off pretty good, we hangout quite a bit and whenever she sees me she comes and says hi. Obviola I like her or I wouldn't be here posting this haha. So I'm trying to move forward with our relationship and I would like to take her out on a date but she seems hesitant for moving anything forward.

She does some other things that I have taken as signs she likes me, because I've definitely never had anyone who was just a friend

-When I go out if she runs into me she comes up and puts her arm around me and puts her hand on the middle of my back and is very close and personal

-she touches me when she's making a point or has a question

-we have heavy eye contact and often just stare into each others eyes

-she prefers to phone me rather than text

She was very curious when she found out that I liked her and asked me if I really did, and has since talked to me more then she had before.

So any ideas of why she is so hesitant? What should I do about it?

Also she was cheated on by her last boyfriend, which may be playing a big part!


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  • She may he hesitant because she had been hurt in the past, if this is the case you should try to prove to her that you really do like her. Another reason she may be hesitant is for reasons that every girl goes threw at least once in her life, she likes you and it scares her, it scare her because she may be thinking if you do this and it doesn't work out she will lose you. Try and take things slow, maybe try to kiss her when your stareing Into her eyes and see how things go from there.


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