How can I tell my dad about a guy friend that wants to be my Boy friend?

This is killing me!!! I need help, because my dad already knows about the guy but he is waiting for me to tell him, but i can't find the right words to tell my dad.
PS. I already experienced this feeling before. I had a previous Boy friend


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  • Tell your boo to SUIT UP!
    kidding. a little.

    If you can't tell him verbally, write it on paper, an effort is something as to silence is nothing.
    & maybe you'll somehow manage to find the courage within and say what you wrote as you approach him.

    he's your Dad, assuming that he's taken care of you until your teen years, he probably won't pull out a shotgun unless your boyfriend is a big no no. take a breather, you'll get through this.

    Good Luck ^^.


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  • ask your dad if you can start dating.

    • He already let me but im in my second relationship cause he is actually cool with me dating but he just wants me to tell him but how can i tell him?

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    • just say nice things.

    • Ok thanks alot!!! :)

  • Wait for the right moment when your dad is in good mood and tell him..

    • But what words can i use properly so he won't get mad or jealous, ( u know the daddy's girl jealous)

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  • You just have to get it over with. It can be awkward and scary but it'll be over before you know it and then he will know what's going on. Especially since he already knows.

    Tell him you need to talk to him about something and it's something that's important to you.
    Once you've got his attention, tell him how you feel and be completely honest and open,

    It'll all work out.

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